What we do

We create experiences that connect the physical and the digital worlds

By combining the best of both worlds we eliminate certain limitations. While the digital world increases the reach to millions of people, the aspects of the real world increase the experience and include a more personal connection to brands and other people. Other game developers try to digitally replicate reality, we actually engage with it. Giving access to players to do things which people can’t usually do.

Our blog

Our Live Penalty app is officially in the Apple Store and Google Play!

  We are happy to announce that our Live Penalty app is finally in the Apple Store and Google Play. Start testing with us a new round on Thursday, the 27th of February at 6 pm (CET). Live and…

Introducing Be Sweepers!

Our planet is suffering. Every minute one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans and there is no end in sight any time soon.Meanwhile, the future generation is escaping into a world that…

Czech media about Live Penalty!

Forbes: Skutečná penalta z mobilu je zážitek, který sport posouvá na novou úroveň „K levé tyči, k levé tyči!“ „Ne, tu první je nejlepší dát na střed.“ „Hlavně někam nahoru.“ Chvíle napětí… A míč…