What we do

We create experiences that connect the physical and the digital worlds

By combining the best of both worlds we eliminate certain limitations. While the digital world increases the reach to millions of people, the aspects of the real world increase the experience and include a more personal connection to brands and other people. Other game developers try to digitally replicate reality, we actually engage with it. Giving access to players to do things which people can’t usually do.

Our blog

Beta day didn’t go as planned.

Yeah, what a FAIL! 🤦‍♀ For all of those who missed it, during the 2nd round of our Beta Test event on Wednesday, the ball bounced back into the opening of our machine, breaking some crucial parts…

We made it. Demo Day in Berlin.

We spent the last 3 months preparing for this 1 night. The leAD and Sport1 accelerator program came to an end and we had a surprise waiting for the investors. A real goalkeeper was waiting in Prague,…

D-day in Berlin!

leAD / Sport 1 accelerator demo day from Live Penalty point of view: At the beginning of the match we hardly attacked the investors’ goal. Our captain seemed to be a bit nervous, but after the first…