This week is one of our final weeks at the leAD / Sport 1 accelerator program 2019 and we are about to cross the finish line. On Thursday we will be pitching to 200+ investors in order to get funding for our Live Penalty project. It’s been quite the journey with many obstacles along the way. Finding a suitable location to host our Live Penalty stage was just one, placing a 7m sized goal and 122m2 of lawn in a second floor building was a whole other story. Once we added our large LED panels behind the goal however, our vision started to become reality. With our second generation ball launching machine in place, the live stage is complete and with our technical master and the guys from first.FRAME it is in really good hands. In the meantime, our team from STRV built the core of our Live Penalty mobile app, enabling online gamers to connect and control the ball launcher at the same time. With live stage and app at hand, we are ready for Demo Day. If you want to be one of the first gamers on our stage and help us to improve the experience, then sign up on our website as a beta tester. Euro2020 here we come.