leAD / Sport 1 accelerator demo day from Live Penalty point of view: At the beginning of the match we hardly attacked the investors’ goal. Our captain seemed to be a bit nervous, but after the first 20 minutes he attacked the stage from the left side and passed towards the business plan. The crowd was going wild, we’re not gonna lie. After a quick pep talk in the second half, everything changed. The rest of the Live Penalty team started pressing. Lubo and Isabell used their best trick shots. Vojta, Matej , Jakub, Lukáš were defending our goal in Prague. Investors were trying to attack back but didn’t penetrate the Live Penalty defense. It’s was a draw, but what a match. We were not the only team playing that night. Shout out to my boys from Pitz, Diggin, Champions Round, LegiON, Prophet and Buzz Bike and a big thank you to our referees from leAD Sports and SPORT1.