We spent the last 3 months preparing for this 1 night. The leAD and Sport1 accelerator program came to an end and we had a surprise waiting for the investors. A real goalkeeper was waiting in Prague, while we set up the Live Penalty game on 5 phones in Berlin. It was the first time we ever presented the game to such a big audience while letting multiple people play at the same time so, no pressure. The evening was a great success for us and our other fellow startups.

So what’s gonna happen next? 

We came back to Prague and we are currently working on the launch of the official Live Penalty app. Next week we are running an iOS beta test with a few small rewards for the players.  You can easily become one of the testers on our website. The Android version will be launched in the beginning of next year. This will allow us to run the game on a weekly basis. 

So, who would you want to shoot some balls against?