Our planet is suffering. Every minute one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans and there is no end in sight any time soon.Meanwhile, the future generation is escaping into a world that doesn’t exist. E-sports is becoming massive and time spent on the phone is increasing every year. That’s why we came up with an idea that allows people to still play on their phones while also having a positive impact and doing something good.

We’ve developed a game where people from all over the world can take control over RC cleaners from their phone, making cleaning up fun while helping to fight global pollution. But not only that. We want to bring influencers and celebrities on board and play together as a team for a good cause. Throughout the game players will raise money where 100% will be dedicated to cleaning up a polluted area of the celebrity’s choice. As a non-profit project we see this as our chance to contribute to this global problem. While others plant trees, clean the air or find alternative energy solutions, we try to help make this planet a little cleaner. One sweep at a time.