Well, these past few weeks have been very different. COVID19 has affected every single one of us. However, life must go on, so Live Penalty must go on. Meaning, we were quite busy these past couple of weeks. Not only did we start running on a weekly basis, we even invited some of the best goalkeepers the Czech Republic has to offer onto our stage and had them catch some balls.

Ondrej Lelek actually kicked off the new month and joined us as a virtual guest and co-host – a new feature which we implemented given the coronavirus restrictions. It’s a great way to have people join remotely from anywhere in the world. Not only can they co-host the show, they can even join as digital players, challenging the very people which are watching them.

Next up was Jakub Jankto. The midfielder currently on lock down in Italy joined virtually as well and it was one of the most fun games we ever hosted. People were watching Jankto play and suffered with him each time he didn’t make it past the 6th round (which happened often)

In April we had Ondrej Koci as one of our first professionals on stage. The FK Pribam goalkeeper unfortunately had to endure a long technical break but after we were able to fix the machine, he insisted on extending the session and we almost played until 9pm. What a great attitude and honour to have such a talent on our stage.

Filip Nguyen – considered one of the best goalkeepers in Czech Republic – was next on our list. He joined the event and blew us away with his goalkeeping skills. It was a very smooth event and we squeezed as many rounds as possible into that one-hour session. Our most loyal fans were even rewarded with a surprise round at the very end.

Our fanbase is growing and so are the games. We recently got close to 1000 players which really put our servers and technical setup to a test. Some of the issues are still not fixed but being aware and able to address it as soon as possible is just the beginning of the necessary improvement. Our team is working hard and we’ve managed to get a few more people on board to help speed up the process and tackle all major issues. Nobody knows when life as we know it will return but as a team we want to make sure our Live Penalty app will become a part of many people’s phones.